How To Get Healthy

The Beaudesert region has more than its fair share of preventable death and disease, but there is no need for you to become a statistic. This guide tells you how to reduce your health risks.

An increasing threat
Every day more Australians develop chronic disease due to lifestyle factors like poor nutrition, inadequate exercise, smoking and excessive alcohol. The good news is that you don’t have to be one of them.
Unacceptable differences
There is an unacceptable difference between health outcomes for Indigenous Australians compared with non-Indigenous Australians.
The facts plus practical advice
There are a lot of opinions around about weight loss, but what really works? Let’s look at the evidence.
Advice from the Australian Dietary Guidelines
Your choice of food may have a bigger impact on your health than you realise. Learn why and find out more about good food choices.
A little goes a long way
Just 30 minutes a day can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease even if you don’t lose weight.
Reduce your risk of heart disease
High blood cholesterol increases your risk of an early death from heart disease. You can improve your cholesterol balance through diet, exercise and, if necessary, medication.
Protect your heart and kidneys
High blood pressure can damage your heart and kidneys. This article explains more about how to lower your blood pressure and why it is so important to do so.
A fast-track to better health
Have you ever considered giving up but were not sure you could really quit? With the right support you can succeed.
How Much Is Too Much?
How much alcohol is it safe to drink? What happens if you drink too much?
You are not alone
Depression is a common condition and help is available.
What Tests? How Often?
Find out what screening tests are recommended for you and how often you should get them.
Assess Your Own Health
What is your risk of developing chronic disease? Find out with these handy calculators.