Learn First Aid

Anyone can learn first aid. It doesn't take long but it may save a life. These video-enriched guides will teach you how.

Basic First Aid

Including CPR
What would you do if you found somebody unconscious? This step-by-step guide will show you how to save a life using the approach recommended by the Australian Resuscitation Council.
Snakes and spiders
Swift action is vital when a serious bite occurs. Don’t be caught out. Make sure you know how to deal with dangerous bites immediately. This guide shows you how.
Heimlich is not the answer
What would you do if a loved one started choking? The Heimlich manoeuvre can break bones so is not the best approach. This guide outlines the Australian Resuscitation Council’s recommended first aid for choking.
How to stop it
Excessive bleeding can lead to shock and death. Learn to control bleeding through the direct and indirect pressure methods.
First aid for thermal burns
There are many different types of burns. This guide covers both serious and simple thermal burns.